12 year old makes 4 million

12 year old makes 4 million

His numbers come from CoinMarketCap, which features exchanges known to spoof volume.) Messari provides what is likely a more accurate data feed, though even this volume might not be completely spot on. Messari, for example, only takes data from three of MTL’s markets because the others don’t meet its standards for data transparency and accuracy; CoinMarketCap lists 18, causing about a $1 million spread between the two.

All of that to say, with MTL’s market cap hovering around $19 million (Bitcoin’s, for comparison, is about $185 billion), it wouldn’t take much to double its price. In fact, MTL’s price has been so flatlined of late that this week’s surge caused barely a blip on its chart.

I asked Finman what he thinks about the price increase, and more pointedly, if this runup was the result of his own buying or of crypto enthusiasts chasing his investment — or both.

12 year old makes 4 million

He said, “I guess people see me and see me backing it and see me believing in it, and seeing the product itself. I think the product really speaks for itself with how beautiful it is.”

Beautiful or not, the MTL token is struggling to find users. Sure, Metal Pay, the wallet, is sleek and functional, and according to Hayner it has 30,000 users who send dollars or exchange cryptocurrencies on the platform (available only on iOS devices; Metal Pay has 2.8k ratings for an average of 4.3 stars on Apple’s App Store).

But the token itself has little practical utility. For now, its primary use case is as a rewards system to encourage people to use the app.

12 year old made 4 million

Nyla Hayes, the creator of the Long Neckie Collection, a non-fungible token (NFT) collection worth about $3.4 million in digital currency — has just been announced as TimePieces’ first artist in residence.

This is a pretty big deal for someone who is just 12-years-old.

Nyla is breaking down boundaries and leading the way for young Black people in tech. POCIT has simplified what her role actually means and a bit more about the young creator.

Who is Nyla?

Nyla Hayes is the 12 year old creator of the Long Neckie Collection, which features diverse women with elongated necks inspired by her favorite dinosaur, the Brontosaurus.

She is also the founder of NFT Children’s Day.

“I started drawing at 4.

He has reportedly cashed in over $18 million in the past year on his own NFT sales; when asked about that figure, though, Langlois just laughs and says he has no idea what he’s really made.) Langlois, Stipp, and a growing community of cryptoartist teens are discovering that their status as digital natives gives them a leg up in the NFT market. “We just grew up messing around on social media, watching YouTube videos, or playing video games. So we understand, since growing up, trading digital assets in a video game and, like, working to get [things like] armor and leveling up,” Langlois says. “It just translates naturally to NFTs, because it’s like trading collectibles, or trading your art.”

Plus, the free-for-all experience means there’s no barrier to entry, or to investment.

12 year old makes 4 millionaire

I don’t believe in titles,” he told me. “Just last night I was working on product. I was helping with hiring two days ago. Other times, I’m making videos about announcements. I’m working on anything I physically can because, as you know, we have big goals to say the least.”

Big goals indeed.
Finman has boasted that Metal Pay will beat out Libra, Facebook’s ideation on digital currency, and he’s even gone so far as to say that Metal will replace Bitcoin.

“Yeah, these are bold claims,” he told me in an interview Friday. “I thought 10 years ago we’d be a lot further along in the blockchain space [by now].” He sees Metal Pay as the killer app that will finally make cryptocurrency “usable for normal people.”

“I like to say we have dragon energy. I feel like the momentum is here.

12 year old makes 4 millionagents

A 12-year-old artist has sold almost $4 million in NFTs and recently made history as TIME’s first Artist-in-Residence, Face 2 Face Africa reports.

Nyla Hayes was just four when she started drawing. At nine, her parents got her a smartphone when so she could begin making digital art. She started drawing people with long necks – calling them Long Neckies, inspired by her favorite dinosaur – the Brontosaurus.

Her uncle prompted her to sell her art as NFTs, a decision that completely changed her life.

“This past March, my uncle told my mom about NFTs. We watched YouTube to learn how to create and sell them. Soon, people were buying NFTs of my Long Neckies. I have made more than 960 ETH.

(That’s digital currency worth about $3.4 million),” Nyla said.

Timeless Beauty #1.

12 year old makes 4 millionen

This is a space that really values community and the identity of the artists behind the project in a way that was not nearly as important before.” Recent weeks have seen newer and younger artists thrive; Davis calls it “unmitigated insanity,” with record prices for projects from cryptonative artists like 12-year-old Benyamin Ahmed and his Weird Whales series. “There is a premium for artists who look and feel like they’re part of this community and part of this world,” Davis says. Whether or not it’s a bubble is beside the point to the buyers who are willing to invest in these NFTs—buyers whose mindset, Davis says, is that “the future is now.”

One of the first to bid on Jaiden Stipp’s work was Victor Langlois, another digital artist—himself 18 years old—who goes by the mononym FEWOCiOUS and has received critical accolades for his colorful, identity-focused work.

He dropped out of high school at age 15 to move to San Francisco and found an online education startup, Botangle (which he later sold and then bought back); he also spent his energy on a couple of pet projects, including a Doctor Octopus-inspired robotic tentacle suit and launching a satellite containing pop culture memorabilia from Earth.

As one might expect, the something-of-a-wunderkind’s sudden riches, business stunts, and cocksure-dropout attitude have resulted in a viral notoriety for the young entrepreneur. And he’s drunk the kool-aid of his own internet fame, often hamming up his success on Twitter.

“I’m not even 21. Just wait,” his pinned tweet from June 10 reads.

Well, the “wait” is apparently over.

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    I’ve really never seen momentum like this happen so quickly, so fast, and even more to come. … We were the number one in trading volume and price gain on Binance yesterday.”

    The Metal token enjoyed a $40 to $60 million 24-hour trading volume in the days following Finman’s announcement. For most of July and August, the token was clocking anywhere from $300,000 to a few million dollars in daily trading (save a spike of about $18 million a few days before the announcement). The increased trading activity has bumped the price up to $0.40, nearly double its price a week ago.
    Like most so-called altcoins in the crypto market, this is a far cry from its all time high (~$13) at the peak of the 2017 market mania.

    Also like most altcoins, MTL’s liquidity is thin — even the numbers Finman cites likely have faked volume.

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