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In this article lets look at how to use BSCSCAN to manage your BEP20 tokens. If you are a owner of a token that was created on the Binance Smart Chain, you would have many questions in this regards. We will keep updating this page on various FAQs and answers:

How to make a BEP20 token price show in BSCSCAN. COM?

Sites like BSC SCAN, ETHER SCAN etc. do not pick the price of a token from one place, contract, website, code etc. Instead they fetch the price from a collective of sources like Coinmarketcap, CoinGecho, UniSwap, PanCakeSwap etc. and provide a weighted average of the price. Also they pull the token price directly from the transactions executed on the respective blockchain.

One of the quickest ways to get your tokens price show up on BSCSCAN is to list your BEP 20 token in a Decentralized exchange like PanCakeSwap. Once listed do as much of On-Chain transactions possible. You can also Add liquidity to your token against famous pairs like USDC, USDT, BNB etc. and invite users to buy your tokens straight from the exchange. As more of your tokens are transacted on chain for currencies that already have a solid value ( USDC, CAKE etc. ), your token’s price will get updated.

Once your token price starts to show up in BSCSCAN, the ‘Market Cap’ value will also start showing. It is calculated by the portal automatically in real-time by calculating the token supply with current market price.

How to mint more BEP20 tokens?

Have your Bep 20 token contract address ready ( Looks like this: 0xE769517d088539aJwTLd512f9fe89CfE39dKweDT )

Step 1: Open BSCSCAN. COM > Copy-Paste your tokens contract address in the search bar > hit Enter.

Step 2: In the page that opens, click on your tokens name ( it is present in the top right box that reads ‘More Info’ ). It opens up your Tokens page in detail.

Step 3: On your token’s page, in the box below, you will find a tab that reads ‘Write Contract’ > Tap on that > Click on the ‘Connect to Web3’ link right beneath the tab > You will get a browser prompt asking you to connect your wallet. You can choose the wallet ( MetaMask or Wallet connect ). Once connected, scroll to the bottom of this page to the ‘Mint’ section.

Note: Make sure that you are the owner of this token ie. your wallet should have the owner rights. If not contact the owner to transfer ownership to your wallet address.

Step 4: In the ‘Mint’ section, enter the number of tokens you want to mint > Tap on ‘Write’ button below. You will be asked permission by your browser wallet. Once you provide permission and agree to the gas fee, your new tokens will be minted. You can refresh the page and see your token count would be increased.

Note: Based on the number of decimals your token has, you need to add the extra zero’s behind the number of tokens you want to mint. For ex: if you want to mint 5000 new tokens and your decimal is 8, you need to enter 500000000000.

On my Tokens BSC SCAN page, I see a warning “Note: This contract matches the deployed ByteCode of the Source Code for Contract“. What is this?

Its normal. Its not an error, its just a warning. The reason for this warning is that the Deployer ( ie. the system that deploys/mints the tokens initially runs the same contract code by only changing certain variables ). And even if a person manually deploys it, he will be using the same set of code and procedure to do it. There is nothing totally different that can be done to achieve the same result. The most important thing that matters is the OWNER of the token and who has all the rights. And that you can check in the TOKEN OWNER section ( should show your address ). Only this owner can do anything with the tokens and no one else.

How do you create a Stablecoin on the Binance Smart Chain ( BSC )?

There are 2 ways to create a stablecoin on the BSC chain:

(1) List it on an exchange and balance the liquidity. So the value of the token always remains stable. But this is a non-recommended and cumbersome method.

(2) Maintain the price of your BEP20 stablecoin using smart contracts. Your smart contracts should fetch the price of your currency your coin is pegged against in real time. For example if your BEP20 token price is pegged to the value of the US Dollar, you need to connect your contract to the API’s of US$. Find an official and trust worthy API that gives the real-time value of the US$ > Connect it to your contract.

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