Best place to stake vechain

It doesn’t matter where you are located in the world, because their platform offers you to trade from anywhere.

In particular, Swapzone is an instant non-custodial cryptocurrency exсhange aggregator. In addition, they constantly monitor the best exchange rates for thousands of available cryptocurrency pairs supported by exchange providers.

Also, Swapzone gears you up with the latest information on the crypto exchange offers and services. As a result, you can pick the best deal and convert cryptocurrency instantly, with low fees and no registration.

For instance, you can convert BTC to ETH, exchange DOGE at the best rate in a matter of minutes, or choose the star fixed rate or floating rate deal for BNB coin, while we’re saving your time and money.

Finally, it’s very good to know that you don’t store any crypto on their exchange when trying to buy it.

Best place to stake vechain

Kucoin which was launched in May 2017, has its headquarters in China despite the difficult climate towards cryptocurrencies performed by the local government.

This difficult climate towards cryptocurrency exchanges doesn’t affect the business model of KuCoin much because they’re aiming at foreign markets. Back in 2013, the founders started with setting up the foundation by making a technical implementation of the trading platform.

Later on, in 2017, the founders finished this work and made the platform available to the public.
As of writing the platform ranks at position 70 on the list of exchanges which is based on trading volume for the past 24 hours.

One of the remarkable policies this centralized trading platform has is its liberal sign-up policy for new users.

Best place to stake vechain reddit

Generally speaking, why should you stake Vechain? This is a good question and in my opinion, Vechain is one of the most promising blockchain projects in the world, listed as 29th on Coinmarketcap.

In the first place, since the entire cryptocurrency market took off in 2017, VeChain witnessed massive growth even during the bear market in 2018. The single most reason for this is that VeChain operates as a global leader in logistics and product authentication.

Therefore big companies from all over the world are interested to integrate their supply chain into this new blockchain network.
A good example is De Cecco which is an Italian pasta producer.

Your coins are securely locked in a smart contract which boosts the security level.

Of course, there are some risks like in any case when you deal with crypto. Your coins might drop in price. However, these risks are pertinent to all types of money, including fiat.

Benefits and Drawbacks of Staking VeChain

The main benefit of staking is that you earn income on coins that you store in your wallet.

You don’t have to do anything, just keep your coins in a specific wallet and get your rewards.

The main drawback is that your staked coins are locked in a smart contract. You cannot use them immediately but only after some time passes.

Staking rewards are normally given once a month.

If you pull your coins out of staking, you lose the rewards for the month.

Bottom Line

VeChain is a promising project.

Wallet allows you to store your crypto offline(with Trezor) and when needed, connect with their software wallet app.

Another interesting feature of Exodus is the number of cryptocurrencies(130) that can be stored in the app and offline.

Staking is also a feature of this wallet where currently 6 different cryptocurrencies are supported: ALGO, ATOM, ONT/ONG, NEO/GAS, XTZ, and VET/VTHO.

How to start staking VeChain(VET) on Exodus Wallet

The process of staking VeChain on Exodus wallet is very simple:

  1. Visit the Exodus Wallet website, start downloading and install the app
  2. Deposit VET or purchase it with the built-in exchange
  3. Once deposited, staking VTHO will start automatically

Is staking Vechain worth it?

Staking Vechain is currently a very popular method among crypto enthusiasts to generate passive VET income with zero risks.


BitFinex has been around for many years in the cryptocurrency space and is one of the exchanges with the highest daily trading volumes. To start trading at this exchange you have to sign up and go to a regular KYC/AML procedure first.

This online trading company is based in Hong Kong and has been operational since 2014.
It gives its users the option to trade more than 100 cryptocurrencies/pairs in exchange for USD, EUR, ETH, or BTC. Depositing EURO or USD to this is exchange is currently only available by wire transfer.

Following are the supported pairs on Bitfinex exchange for VeChain:


Go to Bitfinex here


Binance is founded by Changpeng Zhao and is a well-known blockchain industry expert and expert in setting up trading systems.

Use the referral code bbgjvexeng (it will give you $50 worth of free crypto)

  • In the upper menu click on ‘Balances’, find VET, and choose ‘Deposit
  • Now in the upper menu choose ‘Stake & Earn‘ and then click ‘Soft staking
  • Scroll down a bit to find VET and activate by clicking on it
  • Transfer a minimum of 18,000 VET to this balance
  • Staking VeChain(VET) from Wallets

    Next, a list of wallets that allow you to stake VeChain without leaving the coins at a third-party platform like a centralized cryptocurrency exchange.

    Nano Ledger hardware wallet

    If you favor being in full control of your own cryptos then the Ledger Nano hardware wallet should be it.

    Moreover, if you use this link to sign up(Referal code: bbgjvexeng) you will get $50 in crypto back after setting up your first trade.

    Particularly, staking at can be done with 28 different cryptocurrencies(including Bitcoin ) and Vechain is also one of the coins available. Besides, staking VET on requires no additional fees and you only have to deposit your funds here.

    Steps to start staking Vechain at

    To start with staking Vechain(VET) at, follow these steps:

    • Create an account at exchange(browser) here, or
    • Create an account for the App here
    • Deposit CRO(5000) and stake it from the wallet, it’s mandatory for staking services.

    To start using one of the wallets, follow the steps below:

    1. Open your selected wallet.
    2. Copy your VET address.
    3. Purchase the VET coins on a reliable cryptocurrency exchange ( is one of the places where you can get the VET coins effortlessly).
    4. Benefit from staking by keeping the coins in your wallet.

    With an official VeChain wallet, such as the VeChain Thor wallet, you can count on approximately 0.000432 VTHO per day from one staked VET coin.

    Why Do I Need to Stake VeChain?

    If you are interested in a project and consider VET as an investment option, you can either keep it in a wallet that doesn’t support the staking option or a wallet that supports it.

    You can easily navigate the platform when you register and use the app, even if you have zero knowledge of what is done on it


    • Live chat as support is non-existent
    • The verification required before using any service on this system is strict

    5. Binance US

    Binance US is rated as the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange by trading volume and is an American partner of Binance.

    The Binance US remains an interactive platform to transact crypto within the US. Digital assets to trade with here are limited in terms of selection.

    While its trading fees are quite low when compared to fellow competitors.

    How to Stake VET

    There are two ways to stake VET. One way is to run a masternode. Another way is to stake VET in a cryptocurrency wallet and get dividends.

    Running a Masternode

    Running a masternode is more demanding than staking coins in a wallet.

    It requires more involvement and technical knowledge. But the rewards are much higher than if you are just staking coins in a wallet.

    VeChain offers its users four holdings tiers:

    • Strength (a minimum of 1 million VET is required)
    • Thunder (minimum 5 million VET)
    • Mjolnir (minimum 15 million VET)
    • Authority node (minimum 25 million VET)

    If one VET is worth around 0.01 USD, you would need to invest at least 200,000 USD to run the lowest tier.

    Trust Wallet is a multi-functional wallet and besides storing crypto or staking, it also has a built-in exchange for cryptocurrency purchases. For example, buying Bitcoin can be done instantly(with a credit card) at an additional cost of 5% for the entire transaction.

    Staking crypto is also a feature of this multi-functional wallet where Trust Wallet supports 9 different cryptocurrency coins. Staking VeChain can be done here at an annual ROI of 1.1%.

    How to start staking VeChain(VET) on Trust Wallet

    The process of staking VeChain on Trust wallet is very simple:

    1. Visit the Trust Wallet website, start downloading and install the app
    2. Deposit VET or purchase it with the built-in exchange
    3. Once deposited, staking VTHO will start automatically


    This wallet has been there for a while and has a proven track record in being very secure.

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