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Squid Game (SQUID) News

Squid Game inspired token rallies 500% to become a top gainer, but investors should…2022/01/01 – 4:00 After the rug pull that was the Squid Game [SQUID] token in 2021, one might think people would stay far away from seafood or Korean drama-related meme coins. However, this doesn’t seem to be the case as a new token reportedly inspired by the Squid Game show is quickly climbing the charts. Don’t baby me. read more

Squid Game: crypto researcher reveals the red flags investors missed2021/11/06 – 12:00 The Squid Game token swung into the crypto sphere like a wrecking ball and took thousands of investors on a dizzying ride before vanishing and leaving the entire industry stunned. To make sense of what happened, crypto researcher Max Maher showed investors all the red flags they had missed. Red light, green light In the. read more

Squid Game Token Goes Bust; Drops Below Half a Cent2021/11/05 – 15:00 A popular digital asset known as Squid Game token – based on a hit Netflix series – has gone kaput. The currency was trading for well over $2,800 during the weekend, but the currency has since crashed into oblivion and is now worth less than half a cent after executives decided to pull the plug… read more

After Squid Game rug-off, report reveals Google Ads phishing, other scam warnings2021/11/05 – 5:30 Check Point Research (CPR) has noted several crypto scams in the last few days where wallet users have lost thousands of dollars. The report comes days after a recent token scam on the Squid Game play-to-earn platform. This new method of scam is noteworthy as it doesn’t rely on email links to wallet owners or. read more

Despite Binance Investigation, SQUID Game Token Up Over 800% In Hours After Monumental Crash2021/11/04 – 12:27 The SQUID token has come under investigation by Binance in an attempt to unravel the circumstances behind the “scam”. The token surged by over 85,000% in under a week before plummeting to record lows in what appears to be a rug pull. Despite the crash, investors have continued to buy the token as it surges. read more

Binance Says It’s Trying to Find the Scammers Behind Squid Game Token2021/11/04 – 12:05 Crypto exchange Binance has said it is trying to hunt down the scammers behind the infamous Squid Game cryptocurrency. read more

Binance Froze Squid Game Token Developers’ Wallet Addresses2021/11/04 – 2:52 In a statement earlier today, Binance confirmed that it has frozen and blacklisted wallet addresses associated the developers of Squid Game Token. Squid Game Token Drama Continues As the whole Squid Game Token Saga unfolds, it’s great to see Binance step in and attempt to identify the bad actors responsible for the “rug pull”. In. read more

Binance is Tracking the Squid Game Scammers and Will Hand the Intormation to Authorities2021/11/03 – 22:36 The Squid Game scammers disappeared after taking $3 million from investors. Now, Binance wants to find them and bring them to justice. read more

Squid Game Price ($SQUID) Pumping Once Again, Up Over 400%!2021/11/03 – 20:23 Remember when Squid Game Token executed a “rug pull” and crashed the price to $0? Well the drama is not over yet, investors are buying back in again – just like in the show! Squid Game Price Back Up Just like in Netflix’s Squid Game when participants returned back for a second time, knowing all. read more

Got Rekt On Squid Game? Here Are The Warning Signs You Missed (Ignored)2021/11/02 – 19:00 The Squid Game cryptocurrency, named after the beloved Netflix series of the same name, was the talk of the crypto space for the one week it was in operation. It quickly gained popularity among short-term holders interested in quick gains. The popularity of meme coins like Shiba Inu and Dogecoin with no utility but massive. read more

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