How much does it cost to create erc20 token

how much does it cost to create erc20 token

The cost to create ERC20 token depends on a few things actually. The first thing is the number of tokens and then the mechanism being used to create them, lastly the services provider who has taken the responsibility of delivering these tokens. However, on average, it takes 50,000 to 1,00,000 INR to get some million tokens which are sufficient for an ICO project. In this article, we will discuss the factors which are responsible for determining the price of the tokens.

The Ecosystem

That largely impacts the price because it makes the production of tokens easy or difficult. The developers mostly opt for an application which could work on different platforms. Project owners try to make their tokens available on different platforms such as Android, iOS, and websites. This allows them to sell their tokens on multiple channels resulting in access to a bigger set of investors. Therefore, using an appropriate ecosystem as per the requirement of the project is very important.

Number of Tokens

Depending on the scope of the project, the number of people who would be willing to invest is estimated and then the tokens are created. However, in most of the projects, the total number of tokens launched have lingered around 30 to 50 million. It does make an impact on the final amount that you pay for development. Thus it is recommended to surmise the total number of tokens you need before you start the development process.

The service provider

That’s the factor which impacts the price greatly. There are token developers in every country and all of them quote a different price which falls under a certain bracket. Token developers in Europe and the USA charge the biggest amount as compared to their Asian counterparts. In countries like India, Vietnam, and Philippines, you can get these services at a very reasonable price.

Therefore, most of the project owners look for service providers in Asia. India has been recognized as the hub of IT and ITES services globally. And it is not just limited to big businesses, startups are keener to get cheaper services and therefore, South Asian countries serve a large number of entrepreneurs from the US, UK, and Europe. Moreover, the companies here also provide excellent services and they take care of their clients in a better way.

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Choose the best development company

It is important that you choose a reliable company for this service, otherwise, your project can also become a failure. Therefore, you need to first check all the reviews and comments posted by their clients. After getting satisfied by the testimonials, you can approach the company you want to have business with. It is important that you determine the modes and timings of payment before starting to work.

Many development companies prefer to take payments on a milestone basis which seems to be favored by project owners as well. When it is time to develop the tokens, you need to be involved in each and every phase of the project. Then only you can ensure that you are getting 100% satisfaction for your money. Technoloader is one such company that can ensure you the best services when it comes it ERC20 token development.

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