How to do a giveaway on youtube

how to do a giveaway on youtube

Want more subscribers on your YouTube channel? Of course, you do, that’s why you started the channel. That’s why we’ve created this guide showing you how to get YouTube subscribers with YouTube contests.

Contests can now be a part of your video marketing mix with our ‘Subscribe on YouTube’ contest entry method.

“Simply ask your followers to enter your contest by asking them to subscribe to your YouTube channel – Rewards Fuel will keep track of all your entries for you.”

Creating a contest with Subscribe entry is easy, just copy and paste your youtube channel url

  • How to create YouTube contests in 5 simple steps
  • Sign up for Rewards Fuel, choose a membership and get started creating your contest
  • Add ‘YouTube subscribe’ entry as one of your chosen entry methods during the creation of your contest.
  • Enter the URL of your YouTube channel e.g.
  • Click verify channel.
  • Add entry points.

What creating a youtube contest looks like.

  • YouTube contests include
  • Send notifications: Send updates to your contestants, invite your email list to enter, or have Rewards Fuel pick your winner(s) for you.
  • Choose multiple winners: Automate the software to choose multiple winners over multiple days and have Rewards Fuel send all the emails.
  • Style your Contest: Change, colors, fonts, images, use pictures, GIFs or videos or style it with CSS.
  • Digital prizes: No shipping costs and no hassle, give away tickets, software, videos, audio links, photos, gift cards and anything else that is uploadable (up to 100 megabytes).
  • Location targeting: Block or target certain locations from entering your contest.
  • Display your contest anywhere: Place your contest on your website or use our hosted page. If you use WordPress, our plugin makes running contests simple.
  • Add points: Prioritize your entry methods and add incentive by including points to your contest.
  • Send out invitations to your contest: Invite everyone on your newsletter list to enter your contest.
  • Statistics: We keep track of all your contestants, including age, gender, location, device used to enter etc.

Create a YouTube contest

Demo contest

Contests are totally customizable with the ability to add or remove elements and to easily change colors or fonts.

Free contest software by Rewards Fuel

Questions, comments, suggestions or interested in collaborations? Please email us at [email protected]

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