Send money to puerto rico

I would like to set up a monthly transfer of money (same amount every month) from my bank account (in the [mainland] US) to my parents’ (in Puerto Rico).

I was surprised to learn from the person I spoke to about this at my bank that such transfers from the US to PR would be considered “international,” and therefore subject to a $35 dollar fee per transfer.

This may very well be the standard going rate for such transactions, but I find it an unacceptably high price to pay for the service that I actually require, so I’m now searching for alternatives.

I’m also looking for better keywords to search for information relevant to what I’m trying to do. Everything I find when I search for transferring money between US and PR seems directed at time-critical one-time wire transfers.

In contrast, I want to set up monthly transfers, for which the speed of the transfer per se is not too important. All matters is consistency (i.e. reliability) in the time that it takes between the withdrawal from my account and the deposit into my parents’, so that my parents can safely count on the money being there for them by a pre-arranged date.

(One additional difficulty is that my parents are not tech savvy, and in particular, not at all “internet-literate”. I imagine that this rules out many possible options. Yet another possibility that is not an option for me is to send the money in yearly installments, so that the total yearly cost of the transfer is only $35 instead of $420.)

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