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Seriously, jot them down on paper or in an electronic file.) Then, set about valuing those great companies.

It will take some time, but when you have a file full of fantastic companies with estimates of their value, you’ll have a firm handle on the stocks you want to buy and at what price.

Your brain is going to make this hard for youOf course, while you set about making your list, you’re going to worry about all of the gains you’re missing out on in the market. Then, as you wait for the stocks you want to buy to hit the price you’re willing to pay, you’re going to want to make a move sooner.

Stop greedy reviews

n fracking. But they made only $819 billion in cash from their oil operations — a combined loss of $361 billion.Prominent analysts have warned for years that the fracking industry is a machine to destroy capital. Yet banks have consistentlyignored this message, as well as pleas from communities and environmentalists about the industry’s terrible impacts. Why the bankschose to ignore these messages is a story of short-term greed drowning out long-term rationality.

Financial journalist Bethany McLean has pointed out now-bankrupt Chesapeake Energy paid banks more than $1.1 billionin underwriting fees between 2000 and 2012.
It was no secret that Chesapeake was reliant on constant infusions of new debt to
support its leases of new acreage and drilling — and its executives’ lavish lifestyles.

According to a joint report by the Rainforest Action Network and Oil Change International, Wells Fargo has provided more loans to fracking companies since the Paris Climate Accords were signed than any other financial institution. JP Morgan Chase is in second place on their Wall of Shame.

An Indictment Of Top US Banks

The report is a damning indictment of top US banks. In a press release, RAN and OCI say, “The 51 U.S .fracking-focused companies analyzed in this report received $224 billion in financing since the Paris Agreement was adopted with almost 40% of that financing coming from JPMorgan Chase and Wells Fargo alone.
Combined with Citi and Bank of America, these four major Wall Street banks provided over half of financing for U.S. fracking-focused companies since the Paris agreement.” Here’s more from the report.

Fracking is highly capital intensive.

Exactly one year ago, on April 6, 2020, after the Big 6 Banks announced temporary mortgage and loan payment deferrals, and credit card interest rate cuts, for only some customers, Prime Minister Trudeau said that “we need to see even more action like this going forward because this is a time to think about each other, not about the bottom line.” However, the deferrals and cuts for some bank customers ended last fall, and the banks have not given any breaks since.

Democracy Watch recently filed a submission with Finance Canada’s pre-budget consultation process calling for eight key changes (set out further below) needed to make Canada’s banks help more, stop racism and discrimination in lending and services, and stop gouging and other abuses.

Many of the eight key changes were enacted in the U.S. decades ago and apply to the U.S. banks that four of Canada’s Big 6 Banks own.

Thankfully, public disgust with the fossil fuel industry and the rapid growth of the clean energy economy mean the seemingly endless demand growth that pulled the industry out of previous doldrums appears to have crested. Ensuring that oil does not boom again will require banks to act on their supposed concern for climate change and refuse to fund a new round of fracking expansion. At the same time, regulators and shareholders must act to force banks in the right direction, for the sake of our communities and climate.”

Not So Fast, Says The SEC

This week, the Securities and Exchange Commission, the same organization that went crazy when Elon Musk dared to tweet about his company’s prospects of a private buy out, rewrote its rules to bar virtually all initiatives by small, independent shareholders.

In case you weren’t aware, my colleague Bill Mann called you stupid last week — but it may not be your fault. According to Jason Zweig’s new book Your Money & Your Brain:

In a cruel irony that has enormous implications for financial behavior, your investing brain comes equipped with a biological mechanism that is more aroused when you anticipate a profit than when you actually get one.

That’s right, we’re not stupid. Rather, we’re so greedy that we actually do not enjoy making money.

That’s a revelatory finding and one that finally explains why too many investors trade far too frequently:

We enjoy the hunt more than the rewards.

Investing is rewards, right?That’s backwards, of course. Investing, if you’re doing it right, should be all about turning thousands into millions.

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Their fault for basically being like the NSDAP or maybe the CCCP (look it up).

When you make a financial agreement, you don’t to “craw” on it. That is actually breaking contract law. One of the cornerstones of contract law is called “Consideration.” Which means, I agree to pay for something, while something is given to me in return. I did exactly what I promised and Citi DID NOT do what they promised.

That is technically illegal. I can quote the Fair Credit Reporting Act as well, but will not.

Further, other people have complained about Citi doing these practices and yet, is this place ever punished? Remind me again how much money “we the people” gave to this POS entity? I will tell you: 476.2 BILLION EFFING DOLLARS! They are swimming in wealth and have the gall to screw with people that are on time with their Citi card and their other credit accounts, as I am.

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