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He remembered a piece of advice that he has followed since he was a kid.

“There was this guy I played street soccer with, and one time he said to me, ‘You never have to get stressed because if you get stressed, you’re going to do weird things in soccer.’ And that’s what I always think about,” he said. “Even now, if someone’s trying to press me or run in behind me, I just think about it and have it in the back of my mind.”

Dest’s lack of stress is evident in his play. He brings a wonderful, youthful exuberance from the right-back position, but anchoring him is a combination of self-confidence, which leads him to try the remarkable over the rudimentary, and self-awareness, which helps him learn from his mistakes.

These “mistakes” are the memories he offers when talking about his 22 career appearances for Ajax.

Last season saw Ajax reach the Champions League semifinal and then lose their two brightest talents, Matthijs de Ligt and Frenkie de Jong, to European powerhouses Juventus and Barcelona, respectively. As players leave, the club seeks to replace them from within their system, but such is their depth of promising talent that only roughly 2% transition from the academy to the first team. When Dest’s summer holiday was cut short by Ajax boss Erik Ten Hag — he had a 10-day break between the Under-20 World Cup and reporting for first-team training — he grasped the opportunity.

“I had to stay focused — I know I have potential — but I needed that focus to achieve what I have.
I believed in myself,” Dest said. “When I got my chance with the first team, I knew it was all or nothing.”

Life at Ajax moves quickly, with trust put in players sooner than at other top European teams.

In Summer Olympics Women’s Soccer Group F action Saturday, Netherlands and Brazil play in a 7 a.m. ET kickoff at Miyagi Stadium. Below, we preview the Netherlands vs. Brazil odds and lines, and make our best Summer Olympics bets, picks and predictions.

Netherlands opened with a 10-3 rout against Zambia Wednesday in Miyagi.
Vivianne Miedema, the all-time leading scorer in Women’s Super League play, led the way with four goals. Three of her goals came in the first 29 minutes. The Dutch side is No. 4 in the FIFA rankings.

Brazil torched China by a 5-0 count at Miyagi Stadium, led by two goals from Marta. She became the first women’s player to score in five consecutive Olympics.
The No.

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I don’t think it matters how old you are: I think it comes down to how many games you have played,” Dest said.

Last year, Dest benefited from the wisdom of Winston Bogarde, the former Netherlands centre-back who is the Ajax reserve team’s assistant manager. Now with the first team, it is Michael Reiziger, a 72-cap Netherlands defender who was part of Ajax’s 1995 Champions League-winning team, keeping a close eye on Dest. Together, the pair have worked to hone his defensive positioning.

“All the faults in my career have made me who I am,” Dest said.

“You have to make mistakes to succeed, and that’s the reason why I’m not scared to do anything or try anything, as if I make a mistake, I will learn from it.

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Amid the social media frenzy, Dest knew he’d made the right call.

“A lot of people only want you when it’s going well,” Dest told ESPN while sitting in the heart of Ajax’s De Toekomst training base. “The USMNT helped me when it didn’t go well, and I’m thankful for that. They helped me through hard times, and if they hadn’t given me a chance, maybe I wouldn’t be here now with Ajax. Maybe I’d never have reached this level.”

But “this level” is only the beginning.

The 19-year-old wants to make history with this promising generation of American players, including Christian Pulisic, and achieve a level of collective greatness never before seen in U.S.

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De Boer assisted that famous long diagonal pass for Dennis Bergkamp to score against Argentina in Marseille.

As an assistant manager with the Netherlands, he was a Runner-up to Spain at the 2010 World Cup. And as a fully-fledged manager, he won four consecutive Eredivisie titles with his boyhood Ajax side.

Also, he picked up two domestic trophies during his spell with MLS outfit Atlanta United.

However, his record with the Dutch team is patchy. After a 1-1 draw against Spain, de Boer had the misfortune to become the first manager of the country to not win in any of his first four fixtures.

His tally was two draws against Italy and Bosnia and two defeats against Mexico in a friendly.

Mohamed Ihattaren is the latest player who needed to make a decision about his international career. The Dutch-Moroccan player had to make a decision between playing for the Dutch national team and the Moroccan national teams. Ihattaren is currently seen as the biggest talent in the Dutch Eredivisie.

Unsurprisingly both the KNVB and FRMF were trying to convince him to play for their national team. Last weekend Ihattaren announced he will play his international career in the orange of the Dutch national team.

Mohamed Ihattaren a big talent

The first time I saw Ihattaren play was in May 2018, when he won the Euro Championship U17 with the Dutch team. It took me a few moments to see this guy is going to be a very special player.

I wasn’t surprised at all that he made his first team debut for PSV not even a year later.

The first person killed by the Predator’s shoulder cannon (aka plasmacaster) was Blaine. He is shot from a far distance and hit in the back, which leaves an exit wound the size of a basketball in his chest. There is something of a continuity error at the moment he’s hit; a splash of blood hits him in the neck and back of the head.

One theory is that the Predator initially fired a different weapon that missed Blaine, and the Predator then switched to the shoulder cannon. In scenes where characters are supposed to be splashed with fluids like blood, a small gun of sorts (often nicknamed a “guacamole gun”) is placed off camera and the fluid is shot onto the actor or stunt person.

The farther the distance it has to travel the more powerful it becomes. [Which is supported by the larger wounds being suffered when fired from a farther distance.] (3) Note, however, that the concept of what exactly constitutes the Predator creature was changed part-way through production. The original creature was shorter and more of a cross between an insect and a lizard that carried a spear gun-like weapon that can be seen hitting Blaine in the shoulder right before he turns and is shot in the back. Much of the film was shot with the original creature in mind, so this could explain the inconsistencies in the wounds.

In the quarterfinals of the Tokyo 2020 Olympics, Netherlands takes on USA Friday at International Stadium Yokohama with a 7 a.m. ET kickoff. Below, we preview the Netherlands vs. USA odds and lines, and make our best Olympic men’s soccer bets, picks and predictions.

The Netherlands are coming in red hot with 21 goals for through three games.

F Vivianne Miedema has been absolutely lethal, scoring 8 goals through the Group Stage. The Arsenal striker is just one of three Netherlands players that rank in the top 10 in scoring entering the knockout stage.

The Netherlands are fourth in the FIFA Women’s World Rankings and draws a tough test against the top-ranked USA.

After a 3-0 loss to Sweden to kick off the tournament, the USWNT has rebounded well, scoring 6 and giving up 1 over the last two matches.

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