Whatsapp without compromising encryption

This should come in handy at times when your phone is not on you or functional – or if it has a poor internet connection.

Each device will connect to WhatsApp independently without compromising privacy and security which is done through end-to-end encryption. According to Cathcart, the platform has developed new technologies that maintain end-to-end encryption while still managing to sync contact names, chat archives, starred messages, and more.

To do this, WhatsApp built a multi-device architecture that removes hurdles – no longer requiring a smartphone to be “the source of truth” and without having to store people’s private messages on its servers.

All done with the security you expect from @WhatsApp.

These are the main reasons people are switching to secure WhatsApp replacements.

However, WhatsApp officials say that they won’t share your private messages or calls data with any advertising partners because they are still using end-to-end encryption. Now, it is your choice.

10 Secure WhatsApp Alternatives (Private, Protect Privacy):

1. Signal Private Messenger

Signal is one of the most secure WhatsApp alternatives known for its state-of-the-art end-to-end encryption powered by its open-source Signal protocol.
When it comes to features, it is similar to Messenger, Skype, iMessage, and WhatsApp. It allows messaging one-on-one or in groups, sharing audio, documents, stickers, pictures, and video media through encrypted paths.

Signal Private Messanger is available on Android, iPhone, and iPad. The app has a 4.4 rating on Google Play.

WhatsApp (owned by Facebook) is one of the popular apps found on Android and iOS mobile devices. Used mostly as a messenger platform, the application has been facing privacy issues for a while now, despite its recently updated privacy policy. The policy offers proper clarification as to how it gathers information from the Facebook app, its products, and from your devices.
With numerous security breaches making the news, especially post-acquisition by Facebook in 2014, people started looking for various WhatsApp alternatives, one that offers a comfortable and user-friendly messaging platform and adheres to privacy guidelines and other strict policies. In this article, you will know about the secure alternatives to Whatsapp to your protect privacy.
WhatsApp is rolling out a limited public beta test allowing support for multiple devices without the need of having a smartphone nearby.

One of the most-requested features on WhatsApp is the ability to run one WhatsApp from multiple devices.

The feature wasn’t created so far, because of the difficulties involved with encrypting messages, but Head of WhatsApp, Will Cathcart, last week announced that the messaging app has found a way around the issue without compromising security.

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According to the announcement, users can now use WhatsApp on a phone and on up to four other non-phone devices at the same time.

Telegram too has an open API and source code free for everyone. The app is also famous for its limitless media and chats size. Telegram groups can hold up to an impressive 200,000 members.

It also lets you access your account from multiple devices. Its Secret Mode feature is known for its secure mechanism keeping the hackers away from personal information. Once you enable the Secret Mode and delete messages, it gets deleted from all devices, i.e., both from the Telegram server and your phone device.

Telegram Bots are one of the app’s unique features, which allows you to integrate different services and automation into the app using chatbots.
It is rated 4.5 on Google Play. The app is all free, fast, secure, and requires only your phone number to login. You can install the phone on Android, Mac, Windows, Linux, iPhone, iPad, Apple watch, and web.

There has been a flurry of news around fake messages gone viral and causing havoc in India. The Indian government, under pressure to take action, is pressuring Whatsapp to trace the source of the fake messages.

Whatsapp on the other hand as reported in the media has said since the system uses end to end encryption, tracing messages would “undermine” privacy to saying that they are working out solutions to be able to do this.

News article – The Hindu, News article – Times Of India, News Article – Economic Times

A spokesperson for the American company said “attributing messages on WhatsApp would undermine end-to-end encryption and the private nature of WhatsApp, creating the potential for serious misuse.

Skype is a telecom application that specializes in offering video and voice calling services. The app does not require any downloading or signing up. You simply need to browse for the app on a search engine and get on with it.
With its ease, simplicity, Skype is easily the best WhatsApp Messenger alternative for business applications. It is ideal for voice and video chatting. However, it is not as impressive and comfortable as WhatsApp if used exclusively for personal chats. The app offers phone calls at low rates. However, the app is not an ideal option when it comes to emergency phone calls.

The Skype app also enables call recording, live subtitle feature, screen sharing, and smart messaging to use fun reactions and mention usernames using @mentions to grab their attention.

If you need more, you can even create your Discord server.

You can install it on iPhone, iPad, Android, web, Windows, Mac, and Linux. It has an integrated interface with Spotify, Twitch, YouTube, Steam, Reddit, Facebook, Xbox Live, GitHub, Battle.net.

The app is free, private, and secure. Also, it is a WhatsApp alternative without a phone number.
It has a 4.5 rating on Google Play. Now you know why you can right away replace WhatsApp with Discord without regretting it.

Download Discord:

Discord on the App StoreDiscord on the Google Play

5. Snapchat

With a rating of 3.8 ratings on the App Store, Snapchat is primarily a social media app more than a simple messaging app. It offers basic messaging functionality such as group chatting, voice calling, group voice calling, sharing gifs, and more.

Our focus is on improving WhatsApp and working closer with others in society to help keep people safe”

But question really is: Would tracing the origin of a single whatsapp message undermine privacy (and security) ?

So I dug a bit deeper into how Whatsapp security works – Its based on the Signal protocol and XMPP for the message payload.

The cool thing about Signal protocol is that it enables 2 parties to talk to each other without the intermediate enabling party (Whatsapp) being able to eavesdrop. More about this later…

The message that is sent is encrypted each time with a different key generated for each message. Initially both parties create their own Master Shared Secret which is shared securely between both parties.

More here: https://t.co/AnFu4Qh6Hd

— Will Cathcart (@wcathcart) July 14, 2021

Up until now, everyone on WhatsApp was identified by a single identity key from which all encrypted communication keys were derived. With multi-device support, each device now has its own identity key. WhatsApp servers maintain a mapping between each person’s account and all their device identities.

When someone wants to send a message, they get their device list-keys from the server.

To give people additional control and protection over which devices are linked, WhatsApp will continue to have everyone scan a QR code from their phone (a process that now requires biometric authentication) and they will also be able to see all the companion devices linked to their account, as well as when they were last used.

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